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About Me, That Guy -   Hi, I'm Mike.   But why is my username 'Pylon' you ask? Well, I got the nickname from people severely butchering my last name. It's really a long story, but in the end the nickname stuck and I've been using it since. As for me - Mike - the guy behind the username, I enjoy a random smattering of activities. I'm an enlisted 0311 in the United States Marine Corps (now a reservist), work for the Jesuits, live in Boston, profess Roman Catholicism, and graduated from Boston University (MS) and Siena College (BA).

I haven't been active on E2 in a while; my last article was in 2004. Unfortunately, I rarely get the chance to log in and read vast amounts of nodes like I used to. Sooner or later, I promise... I'll come back. =)

Attention Noders in Need of Votes: I'm finding myself with more and more votes (and C!s) to spend, and less and less time to scan the nodegel. So, in typical lazy fashion, I'll get you to do it for me. If you have some writeups that you think could use some upvotes, and they're factual with at least several paragraphs of information, just /msg me. Noders of all levels are welcome. Just send me hardlinks to any deserving writeups. I'll vote on them the next time I stop in, and promise I'll only offer upvotes or advice for improvement (if I can't consciously upvote it). You'll get no downvoting from me. If it's exceptional noding, I may even give it a shiny C! FREE VOTES, COME AND GET YOUR VOTES.
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E2 Milestones

Cheers to these Noders because they are as cool as refrigerated pudding:

  • Professor Pi - a wonderful mentor, an excellent writer, and a damn good pal. :)
  • Emerald Eyes - a very good friend with a fabulous penchant for writing.
  • Wazzer - a friendly chap, writes fine nodes, and is a fellow fly-boy in the RAF.
  • morven - exceptional noder of all things railroading
  • Noung - writer of beautiful historical nodes, and has frequent Pylon C!er miles.
  • di5tortion - a fellow member of the US Air Force Auxiliary/Civil Air Patrol.
  • My sincere apologies to those who I may have missed due to any mental voids. /msg me and I shall rectify the situation.

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    Exits are located at the front and rear of the homenode. In the event of emergency, the exit signs will light up. While the homenode is in session, we ask that there is no talking, eating, jazzercizing, or excommunication. Please keep your arms and legs inside the homenode at all times. Offer not valid in Puerto Rico, Libya, and Utah. Many will enter, few will win. Void where Permitted.

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    Don't ask me why some of these are bookmarked. Some are outstanding nodes that everyone should read, some are bookmarked so I can C! them if I ever get the privilege, some deserve to be nuked. If you click on one and wonder what the hell I was thinking, well... wonder
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