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Being a jack of many trades I guess...
A Liberal arts state school
"The hottest flame makes the strongest steel"-Knute Rockney
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Well, I've been alive for a shade over 21 years, but amazingly enough my hair is beginning to go grey. Damn. I've had a lot of interesting experiences in these years, which my hair will attest to. I've dated a woman with ptsd, dealt with people in the middle of psycotic episodes, and even managed to enjoy myself quite a lot. I'm a pretty cynical bastard but I still see some good in the world. Since it seems to be a theme in my life, I'm currently working on a BA in Abnormal Psychology, hopefully in the next five years or so I'll be a board certified counseling psychologist, aka shrink, as well as picking up whatever tinkering type skills I can. I am an apprentice level sparky and experienced roofing professional. I am forever a night person, and am willing to try just about anything. (Yeah, I know, this is starting to sound like a personals ad)