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mission drive within everything
to get my arse into gear and just write something
difficult yoga positions
what you cannot find within yourself, you will never find without (that said, things always seem clearer after a few JD and Cokes)
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Happy Reminiscence
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very bendy
new creative (neither creatively nor technically gifted enough to be an artist or a programmer - but pretty nifty in Flash)
E2 beginner (yeah yeah, earn my bullshit, I know…)
Highly developed skill of only fancying men who don’t fancy me and losing interest as soon as they do

So you can be feeling almost suicidal, like “what’s the bloody point?” and there just isn’t any light at the end of your long dark tunnel. But then, out of the blue, this amazingly uplifting experience happens and you find yourself laughing and all is well with the world.
FastEddie, he’s the man…
Proof that there is a reason to be happy, proof that when things are at their darkest it’s only an illusion and Eddie can lift you up and make you smile.
It’s like he’s been gifted by someone or something supreme, I just love his style.
How does he do it? We can but wonder and gasp in awe of his tremendous talent for lighting up your life and giving you hope eternal.
Eddie, you amaze me and I love you
But don’t talk to me about wrestling OK?

Things I like:

rare connections, Pre-Raphaelite and biblical paintings, prophetic and lucid dreams, cats, independence, mountains, thinking, intense conversations, writing, learning, laughing, yoga, getting adrenaline rushes at the gym, rock/tree climbing, hanging upside down, snorkelling, peaceful quiet, making people laugh, watching clouds, hard rain on my window, being cosy, sunlight reflected off rippling water, Arabic architecture and mosaics, snow, crushes, hugs, Morgan’s spiced, hot chocolate , Baileys, spinach, mashed potato and gravy, dark chocolate, prawn cocktail, Blondie, U2, Portishead, Massive Attack, Five, Aimee Mann, Tori Amos, Bjork, Elizabeth, Die Hard, Ghostbusters, Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Dylan Moran, Simon Pegg, Spaced, Black books, Ally Mcbeal, interesting documentaries, South Park

Things I dislike:

Hypocrisy, 2-facedness, dishonesty, superficiality, old school ‘army’ mentality, pushing in, smelly feet, authority figures, weakness, repetition, machismo, medallion men, toilet humour, sunbathing, TV Soaps, Trigger Happy TV, Tyne Tees news presenters, anything with Bob Monkhouse or Chris Tarrant

Things I want to do:

go to Budapest, Iceland, somewhere with mountains and lakes, island hop round Greece
add something to society and the planet
learn everything
try everything
see everything
raise happy children
scuba dive

Good things I do:


Bad things I do:

being right
falling for unobtainable men
leaving things last minute
putting my foot in it

‘Orrible things:

scuttling spiders
treading water
giving birth