Nuked, with extreme prejudice. A thoughtless, ungrammatical, and uninformative writeup on one of the great minds of the 20th Century:

rudolf steiner (person) by DaveMe

And, by request:

  1. Tam Lin (thing) by Gorgonzola (mercifully)
  2. medieval student drinking song (thing) by Chattering Magpie (mercifully)

over 45 minutes to accomplish these three small tasks.
At this rate....

And there I was, on my way to dreamland, when who should troll his way into the catbox but Web Head (ahem). It was messy, and it wasn't over by the time I left. Demeter was brandishing some sort of weapon made from corn husks in a very threatening fashion--backed up by TallRoo and Evil Catullus--by the time I'd nuked my last of him. There was...troll innards... everywhere by then.

Such an unpleasant lad, wot?

But then...just as my weary fingers were reaching for the shut-it-off, the gay-bashing and nwu-flooding just got to be too much.

And the catbox was still acting up and messages were lost! The lag was horrible and we were covered in troll-snot!

Something snapped!

I found myself asking "what would dannye do?"

And I was ashamed, because dannye would have done it three hours earlier.

So I killed the troll and went to bed. He'll be back.