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I have a pet project at the moment. Tracking down and weeding out nodes with URLs as titles. I've already roasted (well, more like submitted-for-roasting) a great many URL nodeshells, which are even less useful. Please help me in this task by /msging me with nodes you find which have URLs as titles.

See Please stop noding websites and why you shouldn't use a URL as a node title for why I'm keen to do this. Thanks.


On with the show.
I am tallroo (hi tallroo) and I am an E2 Editor. I won't list kills requested by the user (e.g. nuke requests). All were killed mercifully unless explicitly stated.

Tue May 1, 2001

Some /msgs only. Bah! I work too hard.

Wed May 2, 2001

Came in this morning to find a troll. The first two on the following list were already at -5 (at the very top of New Writeups!), and the last couple I got before they even got on the list. Eventually, the troll was killed. Teamwork. So. On with the day...

Tue 8th May, 2001

After a long weekend, I'm back. It's enormously sunny and there's a spring in my step. Oh yes.

Lots of /msgs today, a few nuke requests and several additions to the URL project. Cheers for the /msgs everyone. Hunting some more...

Wed 9th May, 2001

Worked upwards through the Other Users nodelet, messaging anyone who seemed not to have read Everything University. Also...
  • Stephen King (thing) by g_force - time-expired mention of a King book released electronically on Amazon for $2.50. Perhaps it's still true, but Noding for the Ages it was not. -6. Msged.

Thu 10th May, 2001

Will remove some of the URL nodes today. I've added the nodeshells I had detroyed last month for reference. As usual, some nuke requests and /msgs. Plus...

Fri May 11, 2001

  • * Norwegia (thing) by ugle - redundant. Asked user before the kill.

Mon May 14, 2001

Tue May 15, 2001

Firstly, I refused a couple of Nuke Requests. For gods sake people, be cool. Read the stuff the gods have written at the top. Feel free to /msg me (or other editors) if you'd like us to consider killing another users writeups, but dumping a link in a nuke request is not cool. It encourages downvote dumping and generally looks a bit rude. It's even worse when the requests are totally unjustified, as in todays cases.


Wed May 16, 2001

I did 16 (!) nuke requests today. Then killed another 12 URL nodes. It feels like I keep stumbling across them as fast as I get rid of them. In other news... (cue news-studio-style morse code sounds) ...I've been helping to organize the daily news logs in gangstaFeelsGood's absence. It was my turn to trawl up today's news and digest it for the E2 community.

Thu May 17, 2001

E2 dead

Fri May 18, 2001

Mon May 21, 2001

Mon May 28, 2001

Hi. I'm in Vienna all of this week. If you see me around, it's because I can't keep away. Feel pity.

* = nodeshell destruction request too.

Questions and comments welcome.

Note: "Killed" means with an XP loss of 5, "Deleted" means no XP loss.

May 3, 2001

May 9, 2001

May 25, 2001

May 30, 2001

  • Killed Isadora Duncan by (seemingly fled) socapic. Linkless, taken from

my policy: I log all the nukes that are not done at the user's request. All nukes have an explanation. Notice that if you (non-editor user) find nuke-worthy stuff, you can always /msg me - I will think about it.
This log also contains subjects that need to be written up, so if you are need a worthy theme for your inspiration this is a good place to look.
If I do node editing, that's to say I go in and modify another user's writeup, I always msg the user, unless it is a really trivial spelling fix.

Thu May 3 11:43:03 CDT 2001

These nodes need work: chastity belt
Every now and then, I stumble across these epic sagas of sex, drugs and good writing. Start with bejewel and go on from there. Enjoy the parallel slalom by riverrun and dannye.
By now, my editing method should be obvious: I wander, more or less at random, and when I find a particularly "promising" user, I do a user search on him and go through all his writeups. If it is a very productive user, I may sort them by reputation, but reputation is not a great indicator. There are very crappy WUs with high reps.

I deleted a total of 18 WUs (4 without XP loss).

Tue May 8 18:00:47 CDT 2001

mass mauled Blackavar (14 nodes): chatroom(info free one liner from E1. superseded.) Socialists(both wrong and offensive) sitcoms(no info) Graham Chapman(one liner, no info) GCHQ(one liner, superseded) the geek house(no see also WUs) then(E1 remain) assrape(vide supra) lameness(the state of this writeup) deadly force("get thee to a search engine". Grump.) mountain biker(flamage, not amusing) Dead Parrot(obvious reference to the Dead Parrot Sketch) ignoranto elenchi(it is either ignorantia elenchi or ignoratio elenchi, not something in the middle) political(superseded by Webster)

Kudos to nodepie for responding to my plea and noding deadly force.

I deleted a total of 25 WUs (7 without XP loss).

Thu May 10 23:20:12 CDT 2001

zgirll nodes good stuff.

Nodes that need work: Cecil Rhodes.

I deleted a total of 18 WUs (7 without XP loss).

Fri May 11 22:06:42 CDT 2001

mricicle writes good stuff!
excellent smurfing WU by Jonath

I deleted a total of 11 WUs (11 without XP loss).

Mon May 14 22:13:51 CDT 2001

I deleted a total of 6 WUs (0 without XP loss). original logfile: 1205.txt

Thu May 17 00:03:45 CDT 2001

I deleted a total of 2 WUs (1 without XP loss). original logfile: 1605.txt

Tue May 22 00:15:08 CDT 2001

I deleted a total of 9 WUs (6 without XP loss). original logfile: 1705.txt

Tue May 22 20:03:19 CDT 2001

Nodes that need work: recce lieutenant colonel.

I deleted a total of 8 WUs (3 without XP loss). original logfile: 2205.txt

Wed May 23 23:56:26 CDT 2001

Thanks to Jurph for noding recce!

I deleted a total of 2 WUs (1 without XP loss). original logfile: 2305.txt

Mon May 28 20:52:02 CDT 2001

kudos to matilda that noded lounge girl by popular request.

I deleted a total of 8 WUs (1 without XP loss). original logfile: 2405.txt

Tue May 29 19:33:51 CDT 2001

Nodes that need work: aerogel drill bit bore sigthing.

I deleted a total of 11 WUs (5 without XP loss). original logfile: 2905.txt

Wed May 30 21:44:04 CDT 2001

I nuked a daylog of mine, that I had posted under the WRONG DATE. How silly can one be, I wonder.
anthropod added a very useful WU to the tortilla node.
mmm ... wild rice

I deleted a total of 12 WUs (7 without XP loss), which means violent activity in impassionate mode.
original logfile: 3005.txt

The radioactive wasteland of Editor Log: April 2001 - the blasted deserts of Editor Log: June 2001

Fled user rax has a number of excellent writeups on card games including Cribbage and Gin Rummy. The trouble is, they're not his. They are copy and paste writeups from online gaming sites arount the Internet.

  • Cribbage -
  • Gin Rummy - (and three other sites!)

My dilemma: It's useful content, but it's total copy and paste. Leave it, or nuke it?
Update: A new Cribbage was contributed, so I killed rax's writeup.

Sunday May 6: it was pretty quiet so I mopped up a lot of nodeshells, in addition to the usual title edits, etc. I also marked the new writeups pee bee by Communista and Why do some noders have more XP and less write-up than they thought? by Pogo for the nightly purge. The former was home node stuff, the latter based on a misapprehension about how XP works. See Voting/Experience System for the straight goods.

Saturday May 12: What's up with joke node? Is the joke that it's not funny? I don't get it.
/msg Peej FYI, I mercy killed "maps" (-4). By convention we node only the singular (which you also did anyway).
/msg tremere Please explicate your lyrics if you're going to node then, or at least hard link creatively.

Marked some of justfred's writeups for destruction, after that noder apparently decided on pulling an Asamoth.

Sunday May 13:

/msg bludstone Hi. Re:Squarepusher The top 2 writeups are by fled users. Can you make one w/u that includes that info? Then I can kill the redundant writeups. Please let me know.
/msg bob_the_cow Hi. I'd like to take geek vs hacker out behind the barn and shoot it. You're the only 'live' noder with a writeup. What do you say?

Week of May 14: After a serious attempt to rehabilitate provolone was forced to lock the account. I note that many other variants including provoloneotron, provolone? and provolone! have briefly visited our shores. Starts out nice every time, then wigs into full troll mode. Sigh.

Week of May 21st: Every day I log in and kill one of my own writeups. There are lots of substandard ones to pick from. I will keep doing this until the muses return to me, or I run out of writeups. Started with: 1186 writeups

When I delete something by a user who's still here, I /msg the user. Otherwise, I don't. When I delete a huge GTKY node with a dozen or more writups, I'll mention that here.


I deleted the GTKY node Geek vs Nerd with all hands. All but one of the writeups was nonsense: "I feel that a geek is such'n'such and I feel that a nerd is such'n'such and that's what the word means for me".

None of this was the slightest bit entertaining, interesting, or informative, with the exception of the following writeup:


You guys see the irony here?

You'd have to be an unbelievable nerd/geek/dweeb/whatever to actually be having this debate.

Nobody cares.

Thank you.

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