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Born in Los Angeles California Rod Kawecki studied advance physics for most of his life. He first started looking thru a telescope with his father at the moon at night. His father who also read Einstein's work shed light to the problems in modern physics that were questioned after Albert Einstein's analogy with written. One of these anomalies were the vacuum.
In 2007, Rodney Kawecki published a works in the form of a 500 page book and this anomaly. His work illustrated new equations about light speed and the first book on faster then light space travel. The anomaly Kawecki wrote about and successed with his mathematical equations was that superluminal speeds were allowed and were based on the anomaly that the vacuum retained no field mass that prevented faster then light space travel as the earth's magnetic field does. He also went on a discovered a new theory for gravity. The fact that gravity is not a field type energy at all but actually is arrived by the components themselves in all matter and acts as a flexuation in the subatomical equivalence spin in all atomical particle matter.
Born in 1953, Kawecki has redefined a lot of the questions raised after earlier modern physics advanced into the modern age. In those questions Kawecki has been able to answer and define new ideas into the science of advance modern physics technology.