I own a Toshiba Satellite 2535 CDS laptop. Its not a bad system, especially for the money I paid. However, it does have one major flaw that I can't seem to track down. The passive matrix screen seems to be divided in half horizontally, with the top being lighter than the bottom by a noticable amount. Some people say its in the nature of a passive matrix LCD. I find it hard to believe them. In any case, I am stuck with it because I refuse to dump the kind of money into it needed to replace the screen. It is only mildly annoying, but worth mentioning, I think. Can anyone tell me if this is, indeed, a result of the passive screen, or a flaw in Toshiba's design?

On the plus side for this laptop, it runs Red Hat Linux like a champ, and the installation was not at all the Hell I was told to expect when putting Linux on a portable.

I guess with one vote for chump and one for champ, I would have to average them and call this particular model average.