Not a dream. A day-dream.

Why not, eh?

Recently went through a breakup, so I can't be surprised about this.

Without thinking about who I am and what I can be, I realize I'm standing on the dividing line of a highway, in the dark. As I look around, I see the blue sky overhead, but no sun. The road is not quite black, and the dividing line is white. Apart from the sky, there's no true color in the dream. Perhaps I added in the blue, in my recollection? But I'm certain that I'm not in black-and-white.

Turning around, I realize I cannot leave the dividing line. I can walk along it, but cannot leave it. This is the point I realize I was in a dream. To play with it, I try testing the limits of that: Leaning as far as I can; jumping; (so that neither of my feet touch the line) etc.

It's a special kind of claustrophobia, knowing you cannot go in one direction, but having no limit on the other.

Hmm... Now that I put it that way, I guess it means that I feel I'm in some kind of rut. Not being able to go my own way. Cool!