{October 31, 2011}   Pink Roses

I went to your grave


(in my mind)

I dropped pink rose 

petals from a vase

into a bowl of

water and thought

of You. 

(pink roses at Homecoming, remember? 

All four of us, in goofy clothes?)

I haven’t seen your

graveside since the 

day they placed you

in the ground. 

(ashes and dust?)

3 states away and

so many miles to cross-

to find you not there. 


I will stay where I am and

be disappointed by your

lack of presence.

It is easier to bear, 


All of our old haunts


cold and empty without you.

Global warming, my arse

(My friend is dead, and the 

World is Frozen.)

My family is growing up.

I wish you could be


(or, anywhere, really.)

Life hasn’t stopped 

without you.

Pink roses, just



Sll – 9/26/2011 3:45p.m.

For Heather, who isn't, but will still always BE. And for dannye, who liked my poetry even if it WAS poetry.