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Jim Carrey's most recognized and hyperkinetic role on the now-defunct FOX comedy show In Living Color. FMB would show up at some location to inspect it for fire hazards, devise some absolutlely inane way that the status quo could be considered dangerous, and in the process of demonstrating the safety risk, utterly destroy the location. Trademark line: "Let me show you something!"

Made-up example:
FMB: "Young lady, I see that you are wearing an all-cotton shirt."
Girl: "Yes..."
FMB: "Do you realize what sort of a hazard that is!?!"
Girl: "Uh, no."
FMB: "Let me show you something! What if someone were to be walking past here carrying a bottle of gasoline and lighting a cigarette at the same time?" [Produces a bottle of gasoline and a lighter] "He could bump into you, spill the gasoline all over your shirt, and in the process drop his lighter on your now highly inflammable item of clothing, LIKE SO!" [girl screams and goes up in flames] "Did you think about that?!?!"

This actually managed to be pretty funny throughout all the sketches, mostly because of the craziness of the situations the ILC writers devised for each sketch.