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A stitch in time saves a rhyme in a lime.
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I lived the first year of my life (1982-83) a few blocks from Northwestern, the next three in southwestern Washington, and most of the remainder in Seattle, with a recent two-year stint in Olympia. I graduated from North Seattle Community College in 2003 and from Evergreen in 2005. I now study copy editing at the University of Washington. In order to pay my tuition, satisfy my musical and literary cravings, and pad my savings account, I spend thirty-eight or -nine hours a week making and baking bagels.

Holy shit! Peter Weir is just an empty node shell! And so is his last movie. Furthermore, Fearless and Witness don't exist on E2 yet, and Picnic has only a few sentences to its credit. I'm talkin' about one of the best modern filmmakers here. I'll remedy this if you don't want to.

It's been my ambition for two years to fill this nodeshell. I was totaly going to get around to it right after Okada, but, y'know, school. It tends to interfere a bit. I do, however, have a final paragraph and a list of his published works on my scratch pad if you're curious. Why, you ask, did I start with the last paragraph? Well, dammit, some writeups have to be built from the bottom up.

Others unnoded (not for long if I can help it):

  • Bill McKibben
  • Rebecca Solnit
  • Robert Michael Pyle
  • A good many Gary Snyder books. Most of them, in fact.