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Excerpted from the homepage at http://www.ucf.edu/people/html/tad.html:

Full, Formal, Legal (and rarely used) name: Arthur Wayne Simmons II
Much preferred (not to mention less cumbersome): Tad

Birth data: 1:36pm on Wednesday 15 October,&.1969 in Ft. Myers, Florida, USA, Earth (a.k.a: Terra, Sol 3), Sol, Milky Way, Prime Material.

Reading (mostly sci-fi/fantasy but other stuff as well), role playing games, going to Walt Dis.ney World °o°, Japanese steakhouses, going to conventions (Dragon*Con/ACE every year), anime (Japanese animation), comics, techno-toys (any nifty little example of high tech), LEGO, really good arguments and/or debates, computers, weapo.ns (ancient and modern), paintball, confusing people, motorcycles, fencing, Babylon 5, Time, orienteering.