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Born in Delaware

Hitchiked around the USA

Moved to Boston, where I went to school and studied Jazz Composition and Performance

I didn't really like it that much, so I moved to New York City - The East Village to be exact, where I played music, did drugs, etc.

When got sober and wanted move out of my drug den apartment on 14th street, i realized there was a housing crisis and moved to Brooklyn.

I play theremin, piano, guitar, bass, etc.

The last record I'm on that was released came out on Dreamworks this year. I quit the band because it was time. No drama or fallouts with anybody, It's just that I didn't want to do it any more.

And being signed to a major label was a terrible inconvenience.

Now I work as a computer programmer in Manhattan. I have always been into technology, from BBS's through USENET...I started browisng the web with Lynx and remember when HTML 1.0 came out - and when graphical browsers appeared.

I miss the freedom and lack of commercialism from that era, so the reasons everything appeals to me should be obvious.

I work with SQL, OLAP, Visual Basic, and of course the web. I really enjoy relational database model Entity Relationship Modelling and that sort of stuff - applied theory is fun!

I am going back to school this fall to start working on a BS.