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Welcome! You can use this utility for getting a word count of selected text and for calculations.

This utility is a button that upon clicking will prompt you with a dialog box containing a word count of selected text. If you replace the text with an arithmetical expression and then click OK, the script should return a calculation. Otherwise, clicking OK on an unmodified text or clicking Cancel will exit the program. You can press the return key for OK, the escape key for Cancel.

Version: 1.1 (more compact)

This is the cross-platform version (254 characters):
<button onclick="
while(q&&q!=p);">Word Count</button>
Below are more economical, browser-specific versions.

Version for Mozilla (approx. 204 characters):
<button onclick="q=document.getSelection().
q=prompt('',p);}while(q&&q!=p);">Word Count</button>
Version for Internet Explorer (aprox. 178 characters):
<button onclick="q=document.selection.createRange().text.
eval('p='+q);q=prompt('',p);}while(q&&q!=p);">Word Count