Yes, there should be commas in between the adjectives, but tough, I'm not throwing them in there.

Oh, the mic is on? Hehe. Well, hello there everybody. Just letting you know of a new nodelet available, the Notelet Nodelet. That is, Notelet Nodelet.

"Whazzit do?" you ask.

Simple: it does nothing. Well, except display what you want it to. (Hence the "note" part of "notelet".) Just hop on over to Notelet Editor and type whatever you want to in the box. Yes, anything. WYTIWYS,BOYETNAYUS.

"Whazzat mean?" you ask.

Well, duh. What You Type Is What You See , But Only If You Enabled The Nodelet At Your User Settings

Good night (or morning or afternoon or whatever), all.

(bugs to 9740)