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The position of the toilet seat is not a big deal in my part of the world. But it is symbolic of a concern expressed by some people here, usually men; who live alone before marriage. Living with another person means things that habitually have a place will have that place changed. Every person has preferences on where things should be. Preferences that are usually selfish but would appear to be objective. I suppose shifting things around is a way of marking territory, subtly establishing dominance, as if pussy whipping was not enough.

The first thing that was not where I left it when I looked was how I arranged my clothes. While single, I'd dump the finished load of laundry unopened on a shelf in my wardrobe and rarely touch it till I'd run through previous opened loads. My laundry now was neatly arranged - shirts, caftans, pants, underwear - all in separate neat piles. I liked it. But later realized that my ugly comfortable clothes were initially relegated to the bottom of the wardrobe and then disappeared all together. I grumbled and complained but was silenced with a touch.

The next thing was the remote control. It had moved from easy reach on the floor to a special little bric-a-brac thingy which, belying its native uselessness other than collecting dust, had found a use. Despite knowing my resistance to that change will ultimately fail, my rearguard action still persists.

The next thing was virtually all my cutlery & crockery (serviceable but mismatched and not uniform since acquired piecemeal) and pottery (old, but still serviceable) disappeared and was replaced with some that were difficult to use but nice looking and new. All gone and unmourned but for my favorite coffee mug.

And so, changes, some little and for the better (fashion sense), some big and with doubtful benefits (furniture) and some resented but acquiesced to because the weaker sex is actually the stronger, like water wearing down a rock. Nothing remains where it was.

The person before me was nicolasstag. I rate their piece 3/5 because I am neutral about it. If the scale had been from negative to zero to positive, I'd have given it a zero, right in the middle.