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"Beware the fury of a patient man." --John Dryden, Absalom and Achitophel, 1681
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Important note. To all those who have sent me deep and informative messages about some of my nodes (mainly my seminal President of the United States node which has been popular while i've been away). I am currently working through a back log as I haven't been around for a while. I hope to incorporate all the ideas that have been flung in my direction as well as fix the typos.

Please be patient during this time of restructuring! :P

Things that I am planning on doing:

  • The Cat
  • Baker Rifle
  • Regulus, the unfortunate Roman general, captured by the carthaginians, threatened with torture if returned without a deal from Rome and then was tortured when he did just that. Had too much honour to go against Rome.

Alot of my earlier nodes came from my notes (the few that I took) and text books which I used for my A-level exams.

If my nodes helped/informed you, please take the time to rate the value of my nodes and be charitable at the same time:

I hate writing about myself.

age:1618 now :-D
Complete name: Alexander Robert McDonald

Other Email:
where do you live?: Girton, on the outskirts of Cambridge (England) and in London (near Kings Cross) during term time.
School:Hills Road Sixth Form College. Not there anymore. Finished A-levels and am now at the School of Oriental and African Studies down at London. I was at the Perse (urgh!) before that, St. John's College School before that and Laxton Junior School was my first school. All private schools (except for Hills Road which is a state school).

Howdy little munchkins to my homenode. I hope you like the stuff that I node. Most of it is politics (mainly UK stuff) but I hope to broaden my scope. Currently reigniting my passion for the era of the Napoleonic War and so hope to be noding some stuff about that. Also continuing to node reviews of books which I've read. Apart from the fact that they add to the database they also allow me to link to them when I use them as a source for another node hopefully making it easier for people to test my sources for accuracy etc..

One thing that I hate about e2. There is such a lack of non-US stuff here. I have nothing against there being noders from the US noding useful info but Where are all the other nodes? There are few nodes on the political systems of the other countries in the world (the UK has a few but everywhere else is severly lacking. either that or they are not linked well to other nodes to be easily found). Even the US politics stuff is slim. The electoral college node took three different people to get to a conclusion.

E2 is a great place. I use it all the time when researching stuff but I am worried over the lack scope. There is loads of stuff on Maths, Physics, Computing, but there is more to life than that. There are thousands of nodes telling me about the interesting trips someone had somewhere doing something mildly amusing. I DONT CARE!!! OK, some of them are funny and probably help someone somewhere but we need the factual stuff. I mean, there are serious omissions here. There is nothing on the secret ballot (yet), which underpins the whole idea of democracy and that is something that makes our civilisation what it is. Democracy does not exist without this concept. And I find it hard to believe that no one has ever come across it before. It is in one of the Blackadder episodes (the second series where they are trying to get an extra seat in one of the rottenboroughs).

Now I am trying to add my bit to going against this but I emplor people to head on over to the Content Rescue Team node and look for something which needs a rescue. There is loads of stuff there from computers to arts to biographies that need doing.