Congratulations, Tessie!

Not too many words this time, unlike my last daylog. Tessie graduated with a Master's Degree! I made it in time for the ceremony, no thanks to Amtrak's eight-hour delay and having to get on a bus to finish the journey from Portland and my phone not working for the entire trip.

To the main event! Video link to her actual moment inthe spotlight is here, but the opening speeches are also well worth paying attention to. Congratulations to you, Tessie, overcoming obstacles that would have ground lesser folk to mush.

Tess keeps telling me how much I've helped her get here, and to you, my dear I say "I was lacking in your life for so long after you left and you did so much without me, but thank you anyway". I'm as proud as proud can be. Chuffed to bits, in fact. You've come a long way and you'll go a long way further,with your bravery, conviction, humanity and drive. You're truly your mother's daughter, and you can be proud of that. You carry her light out in the world as I told you you would, and i love you so much for that.

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