Many moons ago, my girlfriend, her two kids, our three cats, and myself lived in a wonderful old and rundown farmhouse. Life was good. A simpler time. We, my girlfriend and I, were both working part time and attending college full time. We were dirt poor, but surviving. She signed the kids up for the school lunch program. The kids got lunch free at school, which eased our food budget a bit. Other than being slightly ashamed at needing a handout, we pretty much forgot about the school lunch program. Until Christmas time, that is...

It was the Saturday before Christmas, and the kids were off having their Christmas visit with their father. The college semester had just ended, and we were looking forward to enjoying a quiet day of shopping for gifts. After visiting Toys-R-Us for the kids and realizing how tight our money was, it was decided that we would bake cookies and give those as gifts. We took a quick trip to the grocery store for baking supplies.

On the way home from the grocery store, a light snow started to fall. As we turned into the drive, the old farmhouse seemed to smile and welcome our return. We drove past the large kitchen window and parked by our only door, the back door. It was a beautiful scene, in a sort of Norman Rockwell meets white trash kind of way. I looked at my girlfriend and she looked back at me. I could sense the contentment she felt, and I was looking forward to spending a lazy day baking cookies with her. We unloaded the groceries and headed into the nice comfy house.

We pulled the kitchen table into the center of the room, and placed all the ingredients for our cookies on it. Flour, eggs, sugar, butter, chocolate chips and paper plates. Hey, it's Christmas. Ya gotta wrap the gifts in something. Paper plates were cheap and easy. Two good selling points. We dug up a recipe for chocolate chip cookies, and started into mixing things up. The snow continued to fall, and the scene outside the kitchen window was starting to become a White Christmas.

I was given the job of mixing. We didn't have an electric mixer, so I was doing it all by hand. My girlfriend was in charge of measuring ingredients and adding them to the mix. We started with the sugar and eggs. I was a bit sloppy in my mixing, and I managed to get some sugar and egg mix on my shirt. Rather than try to clean it up, I just stripped off my shirt and tossed it in the general direction of the living room. By this time, my girlfriend had added the flour to the bowl and I needed to do some more mixing. After a few minutes of wooden spoon work, the flour was mixed in, and we started to have something resembling cookie dough.

"Ooops!", my girlfriend said, as she dipped her finger in the dough and rubbed some on her shirt. Before I could reach for a rag to wipe off her shirt, she had stripped off her shirt and sent it to join mine.

With a twinkle in her eye, she put some cookie dough on my pants. Off they went to the pile.

I reached a finger towards the bowl to get some dough to rub onto her pants. By the time I got some dough, she had already shed her pants. Oh well, the bra would have to do. It too joined the rapidly growing pile of clothes.

For good measure, our underwear was added to the pile.

And then things got interesting.

Cookie dough was still ending up on our bodies, but the rag to clean things up was missing. We had to resort to cleaning each other up by licking the cookie dough off. To heck with cookie dough ice cream, I'll take cookie dough naked chick.

Many smiles. Many giggles.

At some point in all this, I ended up with some cookie dough on my manhood. My girlfriend, lovely gal that she was, was not one to miss an opportunity. She lowered herself in front of me, and began to clean me quite thoroughly.

It was a glorious thing. The house was warm and cozy, I was naked, she was naked, I was being pleasured beyond belief, and outside a gentle snow was falling on the cop car sitting outside our kitchen window.


"Get some clothes on!", I told her, as the knocking at the back door began. "Just a minute!", I yelled while pulling my pants on. Oh Shit. I was gonna get busted for indecent exposure just before Christmas. Happy Holidays my ass.

My girlfriend grabbed her clothes and ran upstairs as I headed towards the door. I opened the door to see what was going on.

Behind the door was a cop with the biggest grin on his face and a box of food and gifts. He handed me the box, and said, "This is from the community. We're making Christmas better for the needy in the area."

From the look in his eye and the smile on his face, he knew my Christmas was going pretty well before he had arrived. I took the box and asked him, "How did you know we were needy?"

"Oh", he said, "we get the names of the families from the school lunch program."

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