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This summer, I worked as the head counselor of the fifth grade girls cabin at Victory Mountain Youth Camp. There are eight cabins for campers, four for boys and four for girls. There is a bath house set apart from the two groups of cabins, one for each sex. These bath houses have toilets and sinks, dressing rooms and showers.

The best thing about being the counselor of the fifth grade girls is that they are the youngest group in camp. In fact, some of them have never been away from home before. This means that many of the girls don't know what to expect when they come to camp, which makes them easy targets for people who like to play with heads, such as myself.

The first night at camp one of my girls came to me and asked me if she should wear her bathing suit when she showers. I looked at her a little puzzled and then explained to her that the showers at camp are like the ones at home. They have curtains and so she would be able to take a shower like she normally does- naked. Her eyes got very wide and she shrieked "You mean I have to walk from the cabin to the bath house naked?" I stifled a laugh and said "Yes", believing that someone would clue her in later.

Shortly after I left camp to go on patrol and check on the other cabins with the head of staff. While I was out, I got a call on the walkie talkie. Evidently there was a problem that needed my attention immediately. It seemed that word had spread that showers were to be taken naked. I returned to the cabin area to find my cabin streaking from the cabin to the bath house and back. From then on, I was known as the counselor of the naked cabin.

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