Game Called on Account of Naked Chick is the fourth book of the web comic Sluggy Freelance by Pete Abrams. The comic began to be published online on August 25, 1997.

Game Called on Account of Naked Chick was published in book form by Plan Nine Publishing in Thomasville, NC, and the first printing was done in September 2000. It is 161 pages long, and covers the span from Loose Ends to 2000.

A synopsis of the book, along with the date each chapter began online:

Chapter 13: Loose Ends

Art Belal (5/31/99): A recap of the comic so far, and we find out what Aylee's up to.
Mr. Fuzbutt (6/19/99): Bun-bun becomes a housepet. Dr. Schlock helps Riff with an inflatable Time Machine.

Chapter 14: The Storm Breaker Saga

The Warlord (7/4/99): Starts with a parody of Army of Darkness. Torg is taken by the Mercians, and Zoe is taken by the Trents. Osric, the Trent wise man, deems that Zoe is the Storm Breaker. Torg poses as Lord Torgamous, the warlord of Mercia.
The Gypsy (7/11/99): We meet Lysinda once again.
The Book (7/18/99): Everyone wants the Book of E-Ville, and are willing to go to war for it.
The War (7/25/99): Zoe and Torg are reunited at the battlefield and the Deadel army attacks.
The Quest (8/1/99): Torg, Zoe, and Osric look for the Book of Gud to combat K'Z'K and the Book of E-Ville. Riff tries to figure out how to rescue Torg and Zoe.
The Voweless (8/8/99): The Book of Gud is found, but Osric dies and is taken over by K'Z'K. Riff is still trying to figure out how to rescue Torg and Zoe.
Last Call (8/15/99): Zoe defeats K'Z'K, and Riff shows up to rescue her and Torg. Gwynn comes out of her coma. Animated birthday comic. Includes a Stick Figure Week after the end of the Stormbreaker Saga.

Chapter 15: The Isle of Dr. Steve

Into the Woods (9/13/99): Torg, Bun-bun, and Kiki take to the road because no one else wants to go on vacation. Bun-bun drives the car off a cliff and strands them in the middle of nowhere.
The Isle of Dr. Steve (9/22/99): Torg and Bun-bun fall off a cliff while fighting, and land right in front of... Oasis, the aforementionned naked chick. He follows her to Dr. Steve's compound.
A Spooky Kind of Love (10/18/99): Gwynn tries to make Riff notice her by making him jealous. Halloween wouldn't be complete without Pokeybun (Gotta mug 'em all!) and a Dimension of Pain demon, of course. We also learn why we should never give candy to a ferret.

Chapter 16: 2000

Cannibals Anonymous (11/15/99): Aylee goes to a support group to try and stop eating people. Enter Percy.
A.J. and the Crudosaur (12/13/99): Crossover with User Friendly.
Millennium-ish thingy 2000 (12/20/99): Bun-bun and Santa go at it again, and the gang celebrates New Year's in NYC. Tribute to Charles Schulz.

Sluggy Freelance Books:

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Book 2: Worship the Comic
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Book 4: Game Called on Account of Naked Chick
Book 5: Yippy Skippy, The Evil!
Book 6: The Bug, the Witch, and the Robot
Book 7: A Very Big Bang!
Book 8: Fire and Rain

Sources: Game Called on Account of Naked Chick by Pete Abrams, and

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