Yippy Skippy, The Evil! is the fifth book of the web comic Sluggy Freelance by Pete Abrams. The comic began to be published online on August 25, 1997.

Yippy Skippy, The Evil! was published in book form by Plan Nine Publishing in Thomasville, NC, and the first printing was done in December 2000. It is 154 pages long, and covers the span from Kiki's Virus to 2000.

A synopsis of the book, along with the date each chapter began online:

Chapter 17: Kiki's Virus

Kiki's Virus (1/1/00): There really is a Y2K bug. And it's not a computer glitch. Every human (except one) that has come in contact with Kiki goes into a coma.
The Quatrix (1/22/00): A cool take-off on The Matrix. Dr. Schlock tries to find out about the experiments done by Dr. Crabtree to Kiki to reverse the effects of the virus.
Tuffy (1/31/00): Schlock figures out how to stop the virus, with a little prodding by Sam.

Chapter 18: Love Potion

Squeekybobo Ball! (2/21/00): The Dimension of Pain has a new sport... but watch out for that Flower Breathing Dragon. How evil.
The Love Potion: Part 1 (3/6/00): Gwynn uses a love potion to get Dex to fall for Zoe, so Zoe won't be mad at her for still using magic powers. Gwynn then tries to get Riff to get back together with her by using the potion, but everything goes horribly wrong.
Sluggy Freelance, Where Are You? (3/27/00): The Sluggy gang gets kidnapped. Guest appearances from GPF, Bruno the Bandit, Nukees, and Kevin and Kell. Scooby Doo parody.
The Love Potion: Part 2 (4/17/00): Everyone is trying to kill each other because of Gwynn's love potion. Zoe and Torg go on a date, but Oasis interrupts.

Chapter 19: K I T T E N

The Alien's New Clothes. (6/5/00): Aylee comes out of her cocoon, and is uglier than ever. Except when she has a full belly of potatoes.
Bun-bun's Theatre of Horrors! (6/26/00): The Evil arrives. Zoe and Torg go on vacation to a cabin in the woods. And Bert tags along. Mew.

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Book 5: Yippy Skippy, The Evil!
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Sources: Yippy Skippy, The Evil! by Pete Abrams, and http://sluggy.com

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