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Kevin and Kell is an online comic written and drawn by Bill Holbrook, about a family of intelligent animals and their friends. It has been running since 1995. The two main characters are Kevin, a rabbit and herbivore, and Kell, a wolf and carnivore. The story goes that they met in an online chatroom and fell in love before they realised that they were from opposite ends of the food chain. Kevin and Kell live with Kevin's adopted hedgehog daughter Lindesfarne, Kell's son Rudy and their daughter Coney, a carnivorous rabbit. There is a lot of information (and daily strips) to be found at http://www.kevinandkell.com and http://www.herdthinners.com.

Kevin and Kell has a certain amount of geek appeal, mostly because Kevin and many of the other characters work at an ISP Hare Link or do Internet related jobs. Kell, on the other hand, works for the very jock-like Herd Thinners, Inc., a supplier of meat to carnivores.

The artist, Bill Holbrook, is better known for On the Fastrack a widely syndicated comic and Safe Havens another well known strip. He claims that Kevin and Kell is supposed to be a strip about how opposites can relate.

This comic's main drawback is that the use of anthropomorphism is slightly disturbing. This is mostly due the interspecies relationships, the mechanics of which can be quite hard to imagine. Many claim that this strip is aimed at furries, which is very possible. It quite deeply examines the sort of predator-prey relationships popular in furry culture. In my opinion Kevin and Kell is a good online comic, but is outclassed by many other strips availiable from sites such as keenspot.

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