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Kids seem to like this song for some reason, it was originally pitched at 4-5 year olds, who on occasion have added surprising lines of their own.

Never played it the same twice, so it's in any key

When I was a younger man,
I had a horse named Bob
We'd ride and we'd ride, ool day long
We'd over the ground
We'd ride under the sky
We'd ride by the mountain high

Yodel odel ee hee
Yodel noodle doo doo

We'd stop for lunch by the lonesome pine
I'd have some beans, Bob would eat some grass

We'd follow the mighty river down to the sea
Where the fish be
I'd have some beans
And Bob would have an ice cream

yodel odel ee hee
Yodel noodle doo doo

Bob got old and went to a stud farm
And had lots of babies
I bought an eighteen wheeler
And married Betty Lou
She likes rice and tofu
I still like beans

Betty Lou Betty lou, why won't you try a bacon sandwich.