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Sandwich-making is an oft-overlooked art, one that many of us who work, feeling hurt from paying upwards of $5 for a burger and a coke at the cafeteria, must employ from time to time. Hence, I present for the approval of the illustrious inhabitants of E2- how to make "The Italian Roast Beef Sandwich", which, if it cannot be said to have yet ended world hunger, can at least be said to have ended this humble noder's hunger many times in the past month: "The Italian Roast-Beef Sandwich"

a roll or bread,

Roast beef,

Vinegar Peppers,



olive oil and


Chop up all the vegetables and mix them in about 1/3 cup of olive oil and put a pinch of oregano in it. If you want to take this sandwich for lunch you have to keep everything separate and make sure that the olive oil doesn't leak as it really ain't fun when you have been anticipating your sandwich for half the day only to discover that it leaked, and you have to rinse olive oil off the rest of your lunch and the inside of your bag. For a roll I either use a bulkie roll with sesame seeds or a 6" sub roll, or sometimes I use Italian bread