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Alright, I know how to cut weight! (more drastic measures for wrestlers):

first off, most wrestlers cut weight to a cetain degree and it is common to be one or two pounds overweight- you can lose that simply by not eating or drinking- but on the other hand, there are times when one is more overweight and more drastic measures must be used. Here is "my way" which allowed me to cut between six and eight pounds to make weight every week.

The basics:

  • Get a haircut: hair weighs something, getting rid of it can't hurt you, besides which it is easier to wrestle if you don't have to worry about getting your hair pulled or caught in your eyes.
  • What to wear: at practice, wear a sweatsuit or windsuit at all times, as it will keep you warm, which is required in order to sweat.
  • Run-run for half an hour every day before practice.
  • Practice- in practice, keep wearing your sweats and try not to drink water.

For food, try to count calories- pickles are good because they are tasty and low in calories. I generally ate a normal breakfast, and then a very small lunch and dinner. Diet is something that you really have to experiment with- the general principle is to use more calories than you eat, but not in an egregious manner- if you starve yourself completely, you will not be any good to wrestle.

The day before a weigh-in, stop drinking water. At this point you may or may not be able to make weight. If you still need to cut, you can resort to more drastic measures. These are the main ones that I have seen/done :

  • Ride an exercise bike: for however long it takes to sweat out enough water to make weight. (Set an upper limit of 1 hour 15 minutes)
  • Find a hot room (example: a bathroom with the shower turned on) and do jumping jacks (or skip rope)
  • don't shower-water gets absorbed into your skin if you do.
  • spit- people actually do this, again it is just getting water out of your system.
Now here comes my talk about weight cutting: don't do it!---You have to know that cutting weight is a detriment to your performance as a wrestler and can potentially hospitalize you or (rarely)kill you. From personal experience, I can tell you that during my weight cutting days at one point my body fat was around 3% and i was weak as a kitten and exhausted from making weight. Eventually, I went up 1 weight class and instantly my wrestling became ten times better.

(brought to you by the E2 procrastination project)