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The bittersweet fruit birthed from the pregnant pauses and turnarounds of this arbitrary designation of moments called 2023

1 Enough Formalities (Spoken Word)   e2node
2 Track 2   e2node
3 How Do You Say Goodbye to a Stranger?/Goodbye Stranger   e2node
4 Theoretical Strategies for Not Dying Alone   e2node
5 You can teach people truth, but it's harder to teach them to cope with truth.   e2node
6 Of all the ways a heart can ache you are my favorite one   e2node
7 Why-oming   e2node
8 Moon in Sagittarius   e2node
9 If You Were Still Looking for Ego Death...   e2node
10 Dreams Don't Care   e2node
11 Snow Days vol. II: The Best That I Can Do   e2node
12 What I used to be/Will pass away, and then you'll see/That all I want now/Is happiness for you and me   e2node