Moon in Sagittarius
is as much as you need to know


April/spring, you brought unkindness
it hasn't been easy to be your friend
I still feel like you want me to be what I'm not
I don't want to be your houseshoes

In May you called me the love of your life
In June I felt replaced, taken for granted
I don't want to be on the outside looking into your life
when you're still hurting my feelings

trying to be your friend
has kept me from moving on
I need more time to hate you
I'm a sore loser too I'm selfish too I'm a runner too

I feel like I tried to warn you
what I told you was that I can't be friends with females
if I'm attracted to them, and what you taught me
was that I should keep that information to myself

you said you wish you hadn't let our relationship get so far
that cut so deep
I still feel like I'm at war
with no one around


you were best when you were uninterrupted by the misery
and I guess I must've seemed the same to you

2019, mostly

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