A Few Good Men. You remember that one? Maybe just that one scene?
Maybe just that one famous line. YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH shouted
by one of the greatest shouters in cinematic history. For what he was talking about,
it was a question of moralities. Mortalities too.
Questioning the usefulness of revealing harsh realities.
In context it played out philosophically. But when taken out of context,
the question lingers in my mind almost tangibly.



you have to reconcile with the things you cannot separate from
or else you can't do anything

while you're at it
might as well accept the things that cannot be in your life

the need for validation is a kind of haunting
a dark shadow looming over progress and healing

you need to accept the truth before you know it



You can teach people truth, but it's harder to teach them to cope with truth.
Or to cope with anything. That's part of why people avoid the truth.
Until they learn to cope. If they ever do.
But they deserve to be helped. And so do I, and so do you.



February and April, 2023

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