So I think I want to not write ever again. That is,
I want to unwrite everything ever written.
I will do this by writing.

Bookbinding is tedious more than anything.

a new kind of writing (there is no new any thing or kind of)

I am the night time, Can't See Can't See
all around good time Wonderfully Unlit Unit
basdf wer and writing, o I will write blank books
for the rest of my life (don't be afraid of clichés)

Did somebody forget to fucking die?

When you read things and they are self-absorbed
versus When you read a thing and the author is standing right next to you
because It Is So Conscious (poorly explained here,
but like Really Jumping Off The Page, a conversation like really
like and writing

nah i screwed it up. I'll do it right this time.

above all, a sense of wonder
            (the discarded bits of knowing
                congeal some where (i like to think)

re-pe-at until de-ad--every day i'm watching you die
every time i look in your eyes

I'm sorry to say, your pronoun count is higher than normal.

                            This is a serious complication.

And there is no cure.

You can always read a blank book backwards.

and writing

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