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1 Asian-American (person) sekicho writeup
2 brutal historic Florentine soccer (thing) fugitive writeup
3 Charing Cross   e2node
4 Dolby Digital vs. DTS   e2node
5 Fissionable martini   e2node
6 geometric sequence   e2node
7 manifold (idea) haggai writeup
8 mRNA (thing) teryne writeup
9 Oarfish   e2node
10 predicate calculus (idea) Chris Hook writeup
11 South African History (idea) Frankie writeup
12 Suicide cord   e2node
13 Wired, old school: Information exchange and the explosive popularity of 17th and 18th century coffee houses (idea) izubachi writeup
14 Wrong Team (idea) aneurin writeup
15 Red, red robin (thing) iamkaym writeup
16 rice wine (thing) yclept writeup
17 Arabic coffee (thing) heyoka writeup
18 Museum Drug Store   e2node
19 The Poisonwood Bible (idea) deadlemming writeup