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I don't care what anybody says, balut tastes good
"Code beyond this point is not sacred... It may be perverted in any manner by any pervert." (comment buried deep inside the firmware of the Apple //c)
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∫ex = f(un)

"Do as I say, not as I do."

NEVER use editors' or gods' writeups as examples of what you can submit successfully .

Due to inquiries from thin-skinned editors and gods, I feel it necessary to expand on the above maxim here. The intent is to direct burgeoning writers to find their own way. Looking at others writeups is useful, but it is not the recommended means to finding your own voice, or for surviving on E2. As I started out contributing to E2 I looked at various editors and gods writeups and said things to myself such as:
  • Gee, I guess since this is an editor, I may also do shitty one line writeups.
  • Cool! I can node some public domain information, such as old books and articles.
  • Wow. These people are really liberal. I can write about the origins of the word "fuck" freely and have it appreciated.
You will see editors and gods who have done all three. You may do all of the above. However, don't think that means the writeups will receive critical acclaim, or not get nuked. Understand what earn your bullshit means. Read Imprecation's writeup on Nodecasting. Get a thick skin FAST (good generic advice). Some of the editors and gods should get thick skins, too.

Single greatest thing on E2 I've found so far:
the longest multi-word palindrome in any language
Second single greatest thing on E2 I've found so far:
Macquarie Dictionary

Growing list of noders I actually like to read updated 12 September 2002:

briiiiian .......... current fave: "weird" is "EI", you fucking idiots!
cahla current fave: I drove my fish to suicide
disgruntledwren .... current fave: The World's Biggest Gang Bang III - The Houston 620
dTaylorSingletary .. current fave: Shouldn't we be praying to Satan?
Imprecation ........ current fave: Nodecasting
masukomi ........... current fave: today I kill my child 
nerdygirl .......... current fave: Fill My Void
prole .............. current fave: just a night
pylon .............. current fave: Allied Bombing on Schweinfurt

To Node, or Not to Node, that is the question:

  • synthetic line snapback
  • Law of Gross Tonnage
  • Federal Depository Library Program
  • F word to N word ratio in titles and subjects of library holdings
  • UNREP (see Surface Ship Operations SuDoc D 207.208/2:Op 2
  • Sounion
  • Cappella Sansevero
  • Simple Copyright status checking basics (LC, year published, copyright notice)
  • Dolphins and sea sprites (fairies)
  • funeral detail (add my experiences)
  • Chaplain Rentz
  • My Experiences as an Executioner by James Berry
  • Intro to Navy Jargon (or, "Wah fuckin' wah")
  • Official Military Recipe for Shit on a Shingle
  • Paestum (do it right, not as it is)
  • Swami X vs. Bible Bob
  • Biography of Li Kao
  • Evora and the Chapel of Bones
  • Maledicta
  • The Picardian
  • Pills-a-go-go
  • Tony Alamo
  • PS The Preventive Maintenance Monthly SuDoc D 101.87:576 (issue num)
  • Encyclopedia of Explosives and Related Items SuDoc D 101.2:Ex75
  • Alcohol Fuels Bibliography (yeah!) SuDoc E 1.28:SERI/SP-751-902
  • Dirt Cheap Cigarettes and Beer

My Nodegel as of January 4, 2005. Courtesy Pyrogenic and the E2 Nodegel Visualizer at
 |     C!                                                         
 | C!                                                             
 |        C!                                                      
 |    C!                                                          
 | C!    C!                                                        
 | C!C!   C!                                                        
 | C!*C! C!C!C!                                                       
 | *C!C!*  C!*                                                      
 | *C!**                                                          
 | **C!*C!*C!*  C!                                                   
 | C!*********                                                    
 | C!*******C!****                                                 
 | ******C!*******                                                
 | ********C!*****                                                
0+-****---**-**------------------------------------------------*-> now

No image on your homenode until you reach level 6.

                                ,  :bMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMR2.                                            
                         27,7UEEMMMMMMMMMM@88u7          .                                          
                       UENMMMMMMMM8.                        .,;288o                                 
                    .U2bMMMMM:                               :382oAHMEo                             
                  7HMMMMM3                                   .3b2oZ2bMMHUZ                          
                 82MMMM                                        ,738o7Z8RM@bR8                       
               u;NMMM                                          7ZobZoo72bNNZ@MM:                    
               o;MM3                                             3ubZZ827ZHR2ZNM2                   
             ,UZRMb             .:,.:o7:32;                      ZA@bZ8ZZ;;EMR8NM@,                 
            ::ZNM            ,,    .         .:;7o322;         ,.oZEE@U7282.7ARARMM2                
            , RMM    ::.                      ,;o2277;;;::3o7;,;;:ZHHMMRRu7Z87ou2REU.               
         .   RMU                         .;oo7o7:,. .,;3uZu2o77Zb2U@RHMMMR2u8oo28AREEo              
           . MM                               .:,.  .::;7o733377;,oUR@HMMMMEAUb8bRURH8;             
          ;bMM                :u8Z33,        :722;:o8b8u8bbZ2o72Z3uRHNNMMMMHAUbuZ@MNEAH.            
            2       :7. .oooo,..     Zb7..     ,3bo            ,o@@MMMMMMMMMM@8222uZZZE8;           
                   o3;73o;,,,o2ZbRHNHUZuo              .,:28NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNb;;8MMRZE3 o.        
         MM83;32UbRMMbZ23u8ZZ8Z883;38.;2MMME:AMMMMMMMMMRZ2o,      :7RMMHNMMMMMMMMEuuREb7RMoo        
     MM2     .      ZEEZ;oZZ2; .7UNMN@Ro:@MM8 2uZ7    .;o23:..   .3;ZUMMMMMMMMMMMM@uRMH8ZMRo        
     M ,MMM8o3RMMNbU     :AH@@@@HH8 ZNMMMRbMMENNU8b88u2o777:73o;:.8uZo8@AUR@NMMMMMMAZb@A88uAb       
     N     3MM  MMb   oH@ZouAU;    uRZ2;:u7uH2b8oURbu33;,,372Z8bUUbURHMMMMHNMMMMMMMM8bNMN2bHM.2     
     ME     2Mu;MZ  :UA8UN2 :URR@MMA23u2uA32MZU@R837. ...,o3u8bUZZ8ARHMMMMH@HNNHMMMMAooMM@b@Mb M    
     3MA @E        uHHUAb2RR7;uURA8Z328ZZb;3M8777;.   ;32Z28Zu8b2uZUUU8u8HMNENMNMMMMHA82bRU8NHoM    
      ;No7RMMb     2RA883728bu,  :3uuo:  .bAo    .,:;7ouZ8Zu22u23Z2ZUAb8uU@bRMMMMMMH@HNEbH@8RN88 8  
                    .8RRRRRAb8uu2      ,ZRb2o;o7;o3ubU8Z8U8ZZZ8Z233u888bAE@EMMMHNMMMHEEEERUZ8HM37HA 
           :.   322bZ88bR@NAu8EZ3ZU8Zuo;,. .;3Z228AUbbb8ZZZuZ8bb8UURRb8bA@ME8bA@MMMMH@@@NAHNZ8H;R:7 
              @uAu8Ao23,   :2bRH@8:  ...,7732uZ88bb8ZuuZuu888Z8bUAbbb8bRAEM@bAEHMMMH@@@E@EEAbERAb8Z.
              2 U, .AUZARAbEHb8ZZ23Z33oo3uuuZuu22232222uARAUbZZ88U8bUARNNMMMMMMMMN@@NHHERRMMHA@EZu8 
              A 2  .MMUuRHRREAUAAZ2Zu23o2u22uZ2u8ZuZZbbbUb88bbbAREUARR@NNMMMNMMMN@HHNNMNHE@H@A8RAb@ 
              M 7   uu:  ,73ub888Ubb8b8Zuuuu88ZZb822ZbUbbbb8888bURbRE@@MMMMMNMMMNHHHNMMNHREHEAZUUUM 
               Mo3: ,282;,:;:o8AUZ22ZbRRUZ232Z8b8Z8bbUAAUb8AAARHE@@HHHMMMMMMMMMNN@E@NNNNN@@HHHMHNEM 

Number 9. ... A sign of a newbie is to have a huge list of bookmarks. Be discriminating, pick only the best. - Rancid_Pickle

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