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Entries accepted into LieQuest 2022. Only the very best of lies will do.

1 LieQuest 2022 (event) Rancid_Pickle writeup
2 The Glowing of the Fish (review) JD writeup
3 Spaghetti Tree (thing) wertperch writeup
4 Humane Resources (thing) losthuskie writeup
5 modren (thing) Rancid_Pickle writeup
6 wicked stepmother (thing) Rancid_Pickle writeup
7 Kitten Scouts of America (thing) losthuskie writeup
8 April 3, 2022 (log) Rancid_Pickle writeup
9 pocket full of spiders (event) Rancid_Pickle writeup
10 trough urinal (thing) wertperch writeup
11 Neisseria gonorrhoeae brexitensis (event) Hazelnut writeup
12 My first encounter with fake Satanism (personal) andycyca writeup
13 The Great Facebook Laptop Sticker Controversy (thing) wertperch writeup
14 je n'ai pas le temps (poetry) etouffee writeup
15 Terry T. Tedd (person) Jet-Poop writeup
16 Madbird (event) JD writeup
17 Nick Ayala (fiction) Jet-Poop writeup
18 Nick Ayala (fiction) Zephronias writeup
19 Nick Ayala (fiction) BookReader writeup
20 Ridonkulous (thing) wertperch writeup
21 Nick Ayala (idea) mauler writeup
22 1st International Noder Symposium on Malarkey Studies, a nodermeet (event) andycyca writeup
23 April 28, 2022 (log) Rancid_Pickle writeup
24 Girl Scout Cookie Delivery - Update! (fiction) losthuskie writeup
25 Foundation for Telling Me How Great I Am (fiction) panamaus writeup
26 Principia Discordia - Introduction (idea) weroland writeup
27 Everything2 News, April 2024   document