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15 No need to yell, I can hear your thoughts. (fiction) santo writeup
16 There's a certain silence driving me mad (fiction) kthejoker writeup
17 A Glimpse of Tomorrow (fiction) sixwayshot writeup
18 Long form SF on E2   category
19 List of recorded anomalies in T-9000 operation (partial) (idea) WhereAreTheWaffles writeup
20 Hunting a Dreameater Spider (fiction) Zephronias writeup
21 Waking Up God (fiction) Glowing Fish writeup
22 Immortality blows (fiction) santo writeup
23 Moloch   category
24 We control the algorithms for all emotions. We will make your steel city cry. (fiction) prole writeup
25 Meanwhile, the PILOT, who has been laughing hysterically through the entire sequence, finally loses it. He falls out of his chair and bangs his head against the panel, causing the ship to lose control and crash into a nearby planet (fiction The Custodian writeup
26 Legend of the Red Barracuda, or: Driving through Space with the Windows Rolled Down   category
27 The amber heart of the alchemical ship (fiction) Auspice writeup
28 hymns of detonated twilights along toxic shores (fiction) The Custodian writeup
29 Robots don't write poetry. Anymore. (fiction) Silverai_me writeup
30 And?   e2node
31 Rejected science fiction settings, part one (place) gate writeup
32 The Test (fiction) thalio writeup
33 green ice (fiction) thalio writeup
34 There are things that happen and there is no reason for it (fiction) thalio writeup
35 The Object (fiction) thalio writeup
36 Their missiles, our saviors (fiction) Noung writeup
37 Temporary: Monday (idea) Igloowhite writeup
38 Fine Structure   e2node
39 All I ever wanted to be (fiction) C-Dawg writeup
40 neuroboticist (fiction) pebblefish writeup
41 Playing DOOM on Phobos (fiction) Dustyblue writeup