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Hey, new users! C'mere!

Lord Brawl would like your feedback on somethin'. Check out his editor log and drop him a /msg (or use the "Blab!" box on his homenode). Much obliged!

Podcast Fever

Episode 7, Season 2 of the Everything Podcast is available for immediate download. Hop to it!

Wedding Bells

Congratulations to LaggedyAnne and Sessor on their recent wedding at Hot Damn 5 - messages from the happy couple directly can be found here and here. Knock dem love boots, baby.

The Times, They Are A-Changin'

We're looking at an interesting few months on E2 - a revitalized frontpage, a contest for a new site design (with a cash prize! Thought that'd get your attention.), the inclusion of images in writeups, a registry system, and tagging support. Welcome to the 21st Century. Keep an eye out for Dann's upcoming rootlog for specifics.

Quest Stuff

That's it for now; updates'll come as things, you know, happen.