"It is illusion that appears real, but reality, true reality, is like a dream."

Mustafa the talking aircar,
cribbed from take your pick.

So you dream a little, and wake up and write the thing's pertinent details down on that wrinkled piece of paper you keep by the side of your bed or under your pillow, ("motorcycle; suburbia is sinking; building a treehouse") and it sits there disregarded until you need somewhere to write down the number of the pizza place with the clever name you keep forgetting to order from.

You wouldn't know it unless you paid close attention, but believe me - that piece of paper is damp with salty tears every night when you lay down to sleep. Tiny, tiny tears. Ever heard a dream cry? Scary, right?

It's okay, don't worry. We can help.

The What:
We have, in case you haven't noticed, a new "Dream" nodetype. USE IT. Entries in daylogs or out of them will be accepted, though any Dreams noded outside the 'logs with dangerously low reps are subject to deletion after the quest at the editors' discretion, so be choosy. Weird, wacky, horrific, tender, whatever - if you can dream it (and remember it) you can node it.

If not, well. You can always make shit up. I'm not picky, really, just stick with the theme. When you've got somethin', /msg me.

The When:
Midnight server time Wednesday, July 11th to Midnight server time Wednesday, July 18th. Weeks start on Wednesdays in dreamland, you know.

The Rewards:
C!'s and blessings from me for participating and the extra attention that quests bring. Also, I promise to keep EDB out of your head when you're tryin' to grab some shuteye; he eats dreams for breakfast, but needs to go on a diet as it is, so. Two stones, one bird, no waiting.

(Sleep tight.)


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