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NEW! Podcast 2.2

See the details at the bottom of this article.

NEW! Code changes

Actually, there are so many changes in the works that I can't keep up with 'em. The code team will announce them as they move from 'beta' to fully baked.

Recent debate

It's great to see so much passion about the site. I posted an Editor Log with my point of view.

Home node images

Home node images are now a Level 5 power (down from Level 6). It just seemed like the right thing to do. Hopefully new high-level powers will be along soon. No, not fireball!

Server Move Hiccup

We've discovered that Node Heaven wasn't working properly after the move, and as such some deleted writeups didn't find eternal rest. It should be working correctly now, but some items may have been lost. Older items may be recoverable from backups if necessary.

Podcast Season Two!

Heisenberg's popular Everything2 Podcast returns for a second season of new and classic e2 writeups, noder interviews, and outrageous accents. Heisenberg would very much like to add your voice to the mix. How to contribute to the Everything2 podcast has all the details.


It's short fiction month!

Recently completed quests



Heisenberg's Everything2 Podcast brings us audio versions of new and classic e2 writeups. The Everything2 Podcast is available for itunes or gpodder at:


NEW! Podcast 2.2

Available as usual via itunes and via direct download at http://e2podcast.spunkotronic.com/e2podcast22.mp3