"Art for art's sake
Money, for God's sake..."

A band of great pop craftsmen; original lineup: Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldman, Kevin Godley and Lol Creme, a bunch of out-of-work musicians who congregated around Strawberry Studios in Manchester. "Donna" and "Rubber Bullets" were retro parodies that show you just how juvenile Weird Al is. "I'm Not in Love" made ambient backing out of scores of vocal overdubs. Much of their oeuvre can make even a curmudgeon giggle.

A little superficial and overproduced (kind of like Steely Dan), but with some great musical moments - the guitar chords in Mandy still sweep me off my feet, just when I think of them. Silly love is another favourite of mine.

Due to the overproduction problem, most of their attempts at humour make less of an impression. Great material for a cover band, I suppose.

It is a popular urban legend that the band's name, '10cc', was derived from the average amount of sperm that the male ejaculation produces. This is not a useless fact. If you want to know how well we, humans, compare to other creatures, check the number of sperm released by the common male animal per ejaculation.
It appears that the name 10cc was actually derived from a dream by Johnathan King.

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