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What the mighty Brawl said, o dem bones who livest with cats at the meeting of the Napa and Sonoma counties, and yet can see all and hear all.

The legend of Lord Brawl stalking between the nodes grows like a beast baring its fangs. Thus is it said, "Badges? Brawl don' need no steenkin' badges!"

Into the Crypt these nodes have been flung by their parents:

  • By CentrX, as requested.
    • noderator
A nodeshell for dragoon has vanished into bits and bytes. Others I have wandered on through Random Node have also dissipated like a rank mist.

More orphans into the Crypt:

I have deleted nodeshells for Brawl and Uberfetus, Brawl's list of fled users.


  • By tregoweth who now disowns them:
    • Can I have Webster 1913's experience?
    • Birthdays which happen to coincide with horrible historical events
    • information elves
  • B$D by neil. By request.
  • Suggested by sleeping wolf. All by Tail_Less_One. Nov. 13, 1999.
    • the Johnson's frozen embryos
    • wcotp
    • children's tv shows
  • By perdedor. By request.
    • I am mad at you because
    • Ice Queen
    • Why perdedor is such an asshole
Title changes done for LukeyBoy, asqui, and hramyaegr.


  • Flamas by Harlander. Nov. 13, 1999 pyromaniac.
  • sexiest babe in science fiction by martin. By request.
  • Elliott Smith by rescdsk By request..
  • Hollywood by DMan By request.
  • millenium by winmute. By request.
  • Editorial Cooled:

    Mutant's Urban Trapper. Bravo for an excellent story.

    Nodes Killed:

    Top 10 Sexually Explicit Lines From Star Wars by Bobthewonderchicken. Inarticulate and out of place response.
    sexually by efrisch. Noder never came around E2 and the definition is just as well fulfilled by Webster's.
    akira by jesdynf. Telling us you're not Akira is really, really pointless.
    Earthworm Jim by Terminal. Calling something stupid without backing it up will get you deleted, especially when you're at -7. Give a shred of reasoning and I will never touch it, but I see no reason pure flames need to stay around.
    psychoactive by dr zero. One line of idiocy.
    anal by dr zero. One line endorsement of anal sex. I think I can sleep at night without regret.
    spaz by dr zero. meow is not the definition. Or he's slandering someone - either way, it's dead.
    subtract by dr zero. Obsolete E1 def.
    best friend by dr zero. Tells us his best friend - that's nice, but pointless.
    LAKJSHDFLKJB23LB42L5KJB22L5J1B2L5KJ1B2L5K1JBL11B4 by yurtle. Explains it's a definition of random chaos. No, it's an example of idiocy that messes up the page layout.
    Mr T isn't dead! br opt. The noder never came to E2, this sole fact is explained at Mr. T and it's mispelled. Just cleaning up.
    percussion by terrulen. E1 node that bows out in place of the superior definition of others.
    north by Pedro Picasso - Tells us the obvious in an out of place area.
    sexiest babe in science fiction by jbayes, nevyn, slim while sparing many. Most of the noders have merely stated their number one choice without even explaining why, which makes it even more pointless. If Getting To Know You is a worthy use of nodespace (I disagree, but that's personal, not editorial opinion), then the removal of writeups by noders who have left seems justified, especially after earn your bullshit concerns. If someone has a problem with this, I'm open to discussion, but I've discussed with other editors and received their agreement, so...
    People so sexy that you would change your sexual orientation to sleep with them by TMA, neshura and wahonez. Same rational, same crap.
    What's the best T-shirt slogan you've ever seen? by intromorph, RevCosmoMcKinley. I hate each and every writeup in this node (bar jessicapierce's - people, why the hell do you add after being slapped with that?), but those are the noders who left, and they're at level 1 anyways. I am so close to deleting NexusSix's writeup as well, but he was last seen Sept. 7, so I'm giving him a grace period. Not too long though - it's his only writeup.
    If you could share a hammock with a fellow noder, who would it be? by slim and Remecca. I think I know why the AIs in The Matrix attacked humanity - the pain of reading all the GTKY writeups in the AI seed drove them mad. Maybe deleting those by missing noders will delay our coming doom.

    Nodes To Be Deleted:

    Users To Be Deleted:

    opt. Never showed up at E2, and after removing his one node is without writeups. Let's clear it up for someone new.

    Nodeshells To Be Deleted:

    Top 10 Sexually Exlicit Lines From Return of the Jedi
    I cooled this because I hate double standards. And because the nodeshell (Brad Pitt...) was funny :-)
    Mr T isn't dead!

    Node Titles To Be Edited:

    akira - it's a name, so could we get a capital A in there?
    Mr T - There's a decent writeup in there, but it's Mr. T. Can we move it in or should it just go away since the noder's gone?
    Mr T's record - It's Mr. dammit!
    little rock - Proper nouns like towns? Capitalize them!
    icab - the proper form is iCab, actually.


    Consonant - Voting on a Webster's writeup? Something's wrong.


    • moose poop by EchoFive (last seen July 20): "Collected from the northern woods of Sweden and sold to idiots, loonies and stupid german tourists. Sold via Smell-O-Vision." Um, right. Actually, there was a nice Swedish woman behind me in line at the grocery store today. Go figure. Did I tell you my cat is friendly? Yeah, he has big fluffy feet. My neighbors are kinda weird, though.

    • 36 by Otto42 (last seen June 14): "The number thirty six. 1 more than 35, 1 less than 37." That's not what I call "better than nothing". It's identical to nothing, except that it's more verbose. Heed Occam! And some fool is bound to stumble on this crap and imitate it, like cantsin did.

    • eleminate by redhog: He thinks that's how you spell "eliminate". He's wrong. If you find that a common word is "missing" from E2, you are spelling it wrong. Use your head.

    I lost it and flamed a user, Zari, after completely misunderstanding something s/he had said. I was wildly wrong, and I was a serious asshole about it, too. I used foul language and I invoked the name of Our Lord. This is not a real cool way to behave. I will sleep now.

    Evil nodeshells: eleminate

    0xFC0FC3A will die, but not tonight. Ditto the first writeup in dirty little monkey: An abomination. I will enjoy ripping its ghastly little lungs out.

    /msg'd Niai with a laundry list of corrections for The Inverse Square Law.

    /msg Feinorgh it's clever of you to reiterate an ancient and tired joke like {Does this singularity make me look fat?}, and I think your next clever move would be to submit a {E2 Nuke Request \ nuke request}. {Rennet} - "recumbant" (sic) DNA {tonight and the rest of my life} - just shut up and hardlink the goddamn song titles /msg Zari don't fucking "keep it in mind", just fucking DO it for christ's sake, okay? /msg SirNAOF {rape} isn't quite what we're looking for, i'm afraid: in-jokes don't mean much to people who aren't in on them. i'd recommend a {E2 Nuke Request \ nuke request}, becuase it's very likely to be killed. /msg Xamot some typos in {Splash} : "speech", "incredible", "sequel" /msg spiregrain in {The time I flooded my home}: a {lintel} is at the top of a doorway; you're thinking of the {threshold}.
    Found some scary stuff today.

    Killed: Corion's writeup in horror movie. "A horror movie is synonymous to a horror film." It's a nodeshell now. You Gods might want to wipe it, though it would be possible to put a good writeup there...

    Killed: LordCrank's writeup in horror movies. "Movies that teach you how to destroy many demonic beasts." Not true. Try shooting a silver bullet at a werewolf sometime and see what it gets you. YOUR INTESTINES PULLED OUT THROUGH YOUR THROAT! That's what it gets you. Never mind...

    Glared angrily at: derc's writeup in horror films. Lots of misspellings. Kinda stupid. Could a nice God clean up his spelling inadequasee--inadekway--inadaquac--mistakes?

    Glared angrily at: Otto42's writeup in 36. "The number thirty six. 1 more than 35, 1 less than 37." Seemed useless, but better than nothing. // Wharfinger chose to kill it: I bow to his wisdom...

    Killed: cantsin's writeup in 36. "Also 9 times 4." Now that's useless.

    Killed: holloway's writeup in Why are you an atheist? 'cause it was blank.

    Killed: AGCray's writeup in Jello Biafra. "Does a bit of spoken word stuff too." Since almost every other writeup here mentioned Jello's spoken word albums, I figured this was a safe kill.

    Killed: stuffthings' and dbs' writeups in shadow menace. Some weird, poorly-spelled, self-indulgent, dull and non-funny crap about "This isn't the name of the Star Wars movie" and Star Trek and cockroaches and real estate and stabbings. Gah.
    I think this space will be my log for the next week, as I'm sick of most of my w/u's being editor logs, and there's no good reason for it being daily.

    The battle to get Nailbunny to fix her grammar and spelling continues. Oh how I try.


    • Cugel the clever. Told him to submit a nuke request for his writeup at 10cc. His information is wrong on two counts: 1) The average male ejaculation contains only 3cc of semen, and 2) 10cc got their name from a dream by Johnathan King.

      • Update: Cugel edited his writeup. It now mentions that this is an urban legend. That will suffice.

    • Roninspoon. The information at An english word that ends with V is repetitive; "shiv" is already mentioned in hatless' w/u, and I remember that hatless' comment predates Roninspoon's writeup. After all, I was going to add "shiv" to that list way back when! I told him it would probably be best to have it nuked.

      • Update: Roninspoon submitted a nuke request. Thanks.

    On to the gallows:

    • drug users by shapes. This was a real work of art, so I am preserving it here for posterity:

      They usually have lovely jackets. They almost never look like this:

      |===----------- /   / -----------
      |===----------| (*}{*) |----------
      |===---------(|   ..   |)---------
      |===----------      /----------

    • potatoe by rodbegbie:

      "Hello Dan!"

    • godsmack, einTier's lone writeup:

      "This is where God comes down from Heaven and smacks you for doing something stupid, such as using windows software."

      -einTier is the only person in the world using that definition.

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