The X-files

Episode: 1X18
First aired:4/01/94
Written by: Marilyn Osborn
Directed by: David Nutter

Jim and Lyle Parker (father and son investigate the sound of an animal roaring in their barn. Lyle, the son, checks on a horse in the barn and finds a dead bull. Lyle is attacked and wounded by a large animal and is thrown outside the barn. Jim Parker kills the beast but finds a dead Native American man in its place.

Mulder and Scully are brought in to investigate. The are told that the ranchers' cattle are being mysteriously slaughtered and that the Parkers are in a boundary dispute with the local reservation. They talk with the Parkers and the local sheriff who can not explain the incident. Scully looks at the corpse of the attacker and finds wolflike fangs.

Mulder explains that this region has been the source of trouble much like this dating back to the Lewis and Clark expeditions, which described men changing into wolfs.

Jim Parker is later attacked brutally on his porch. Mulder and Scully find Lyle nude and unconscious nearby. Scully takes him to the hospital and Mulder visits the tribal elder. The elder tells Mulder of the legend of Manitou, and evil spirt capable of changing a man into a beast.

Scully meanwhile has taken Lyle back to his ranch. It has been noted that traces of his father's blood were found in Lyle's stomach. In the bathroom, Lyle transforms into a beast and runs around the house causing Scully to fall and hide.
Mulder reaches the ranch with the sheriff and the find Scully. The sheriff finds the animal and shoots it later seeing Lyle, now dead, where he shot the animal.

Important Quotes:
Scully -- "The creeps?"
Lyle Parker -- "Yeah, the creeps. Don't you ever get the creeps?"

Ish (elder) -- "FBI! See you in about ... eight years."

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