A method of divination whereby the diviner can read the future by one of three methods, all involving as the name suggests from New Latin molybdomantia, from the ancient Greek molybdos - lead. First you need to heat your quantity of holy lead until it becomes liquid. Then, either:

  • upon a carefully prepared flat metal surface (with or without occult signs and symbols scribed or graved theron), carefully pour the molten lead. If you have a symbolic surface, then the direction the lead flows will open your window to the mysteries of the future. If you have no symbols, then the shapes that the lead forms as it flows outwards will lead the skilled diviner inexorably towards the truth of tomorrow.
  • into a vessel of water anointed with sacred oils (anointing optional and costs extra), drop the molten metal bit by shining bit. As the droplets hit the water, a sharp and distinct hiss will be heard each time. The diviner's eye can seek forward in time by careful attuning to the hisses - they are voices from the shadowy realm of the morrow that the trained ear can interpret.
  • in combination, taking cues from tea leaves and alchemy, prognosticating from the shapes the now-solidified lead makes at the bottom of the aforementioned holy vessel.

And kids, don't try this at home! Perhaps try ceromancy or ceroscopy, which are similar but don't involve a highly toxic substance, using wax instead! Or, do as is done in an old Nordic New Year's tradition, and melt specially-made tin horseshoes, dripping the hissing metal into a bucket of water. In this form, the shadow formed by the rapidly-cooled lump of tin is read and intepreted. One common interpretation involves realtive "bumpiness" of the lump at the bottom of the bucket. Apparently a broccoli look symbolises a lot of money coming your way. These days, in any case, the tin is largely replaced with low-melting-point alloy, hence its place here under "relatively safe alternatives".

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vuo - my Nordic advisor
Various websites, esp. http://www.webspinning.com.au/home/lambertj/public_html/m.man.html

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