11:00 p.m.

The silence falls like a symphony
lazily through a sultry wave of sky
into my thin words:
"My lonely voice keeps raging and rolling
and if only the wind could carry me away.

He looks confused, I try again:
"A once passing chill through my body
sends all the lonely solitude echoing soundless.
He pledges, "I stay with you eternal."

Just in case, I try to warn him:
"Once my mind has suspended a moment,
I cannot attest to that present,
nor firmly end the beyond.
"I'll wait", he persists.

"If I die inside my thoughts,
how can we live fully?
forgive me love --
I'm afraid

He pats my arm, clears his throat.
Digs up the statistic:
"Most couples who split up do so
between the hours of 9:00 pm and midnight.

A sane moon floats,
and elsewhere,
our love-crossed nerves
patiently keep time
long and loud.

Parts of my Poetry in Motion at Poetry.com project.
(Originally separate short poems.)

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