Sometimes I have to wrap my arms around myself, but not because of cold. Rather I would like to keep them close. I would like to confirm that in the event of sudden tremors I will have these to trust in, solid parts of me turned in on myself.

Vinny bent over the desk to read some stat screen printouts and I got an unwanted glimpse of scalp through thin hair. I had a horrifying flash of panic for him as though he were me and I thought I would like to see his thoughts. I thought maybe they were saying What the hell am I doing at this job still? although sense tells me he was frowning in concentration, not consternation.

One night when I was babysitting I could not be sure that the baby would keep breathing. I sat near him for hours, listening for little puffs of air.

Never blow out a candle, pinch them out instead. Candles are like souls.

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