A hero created by Robert Kanigher and Alex Toth (who later went on to create Space Ghost) for DC Comics. Rex first appeared in The Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #1 in January 1952.

Rex is a white German shepherd and a vetern of the U.S. Army's K-9 Corps, where he served his country for many years. He later was taken back home to live with the Dennis family. Rex used his intelligence to help prove one of the Dennis boys, Phillip, was not guilty of murder.

For many years after that, Rex and Phillip's brother, Danny had numerous adventures. During that time, Rex did everything from riding a horse to swinging from a vine by holding it in his teeth. Rex even had a few adventures at a microscopic scale with the help of his scientist friend, John Rayburn.

Eventually, Rex found himself getting on in years and would have retired from adventuring all together, except for an outing in Florida with Bobo the Detective Chimp. During their adventure, the two stumbled upon the legendary Fountain of Youth and drank from it. Instantly, the two animals were returned to their prime of life and have continued in their individual pursuits.

Rex has in recent years aided the Flash in defeating the villain Gorilla Grodd, teamed up with Superboy and a group of super-powered heroes known as the Ravers and become associated with a government agency known as the Bureau of Amplified Animals.

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