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A super-villain published by DC Comics. He first appeared in Flash #106.

Two versions of the Grodd's origin exist. The first involves the falling of a mysterious meteor into the jungles of Africa, bathing a troop of gorillas with a strange radiation that accelerated their intelligence to human levels and beyond. The second version tells of a space craft, not a meteor crashing in Africa. The craft contained an extraterrestrial, who used the technology of the craft to give the troop of apes increased intelligence. The two apes given the greatest mental abilities were Solivar, the leader of the troop and his rival, Grodd. The troop soon created a city in the depths of the African jungle, aptly named Gorilla City. It was an incredibly advanced city where the apes and the extraterrestrial lived.

Eventually the city was discovered by two European explorers who were overwhelmed by the advanced nature of the city. The gorillas welcomed them gladly, hoping to learn further from the humans. Unfortunately, this occurance of European expansionism met with the same end that others have. One of the explorers shot and killed the alien in front of all of the gorillas, causing the gorillas to distrust humans and to erect a force field/cloaking device that shielded Gorilla City from discovery. This story closely parallels the story of the Cherokees, except that there was no Gorilla Trail of Tears, the Cherokees didn't have a cloaking device, and the expansionist Americans weren't secretly being controlled by a megalomaniacal gorilla named Grodd who wanted to cause his fellow gorillas to distrust humans. Apart from this the stories are almost identical.

Years later, Solivar, the benevolent king of Gorilla City, was captured by humans. Fearing his city would be discovered, Solivar played dumb, acting like a normal gorilla and was transported to Central City's zoo. Grodd followed Solivar to steal his ability to control the gorillas minds in mass, which brought Grodd into conflict with Central City's protector, the Flash. It also called into conflict Grodd's intelligence as he picked the time when Solivar was on another continent to try and steal his power, rather than doing it when he was close to home.

Grodd became a member of the Flash's Rogues gallery, trying many times to take over the world with an army of gorillas. He fought with not only the Flash, but also the Green Lantern, the Justice League, and even his own grandson, Sam Simeon (the ape of Angel and the Ape).

Grodd nearly pulled off his world conquest, turning the human population all into apes and controlling them with his great mental powers. He was eventually defeated, however, by the Martian Manhunter.

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