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The lecherous peer from The Fast Show, played by Paul Whitehouse.

He was always dressed in a slightly dishevelled dinner jacket, with his slicked back hair, and rakish moustache, clasping a half finished bottle of bubbly in one hand. There was somehow always a seedy air around him for some reason........

The 13th Duke of Wimbourne?
Between the legs of a beautiful woman?
In the gynaecology department of a major London teaching hospital?
With my reputation?

Don't they realise I specialise in heart conditions?

(looking quizzical) Although, it does appear to be winking at me...

or possibly

Me? The 13th Duke of Wimbourne?
In the fitting rooms of the lingerie department?
With my reputation?
Are they quite mad?, Mmmm!

Oh, well - brace yourselves, ladies - I'm comin' in dry, Mmmm!

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