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matthew cried the night we did it,
he didn't want my purity,

ryan was the violent type,
he'd force it in and make me bleed.

jeremy was soft and sweet
until he left me for my dad,

ross tried so hard just to please me,
terrified that he was bad.

tony's love was rushed and drunk,
hiding from his girl outside,

anthony and me were crazy,
almost 8 times in one night.

javier had sex with me,
while i was passed out on the floor,

ron and i were making love
he always left me wanting more.

kurlee rocked my little world,
i'd do anything for him,

bradley liked the scary sex
the sex my mother calls a sin.

tony must have slipped me something,
i don't remember him at all.

kevin did it all night long,
he was such an animal.

nate convinced me finally,
after getting high all night.

kenny liked the other hole
he said he liked it nice and tight.

jimi wooed me with his singing
he was just a lot of fun,

justin is the only one
who waited until i was done.

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