Born in 1720: Died in 1720: Events of 1720:
  • Coffee houses in Italy introduce the latest craze from the New World, chocolate.
  • Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit introduces his temperature scale.
  • Russian trade treaty with China
  • European books allowed into Japan by shogun Yoshimune.
  • Plague kills 50,000 in Marseilles.
  • Well-to-do Englishmen begin decorating their walls with wallpaper.
  • The British Parliament passes the Declaratory Act giving itself the right to legislate for Ireland.
  • Sweden and Denmark sign a peace treaty ending their part of the Great Northern War.  Sweden, once the Superpower of Eastern Europe, is back down on a par with Denmark.
  • British authorities in Bombay expel all Franciscan missionaries from the island, over fears that they were secretly working to restore Portugese rule.  Carmelites immediately take their place.
  • Chinese Emperor Qang Xi drives the Zungars out of Tibet and installs the pro-Chinese Dalai Lama in their place.
  • Treaty of the Hague ending its war with the Quadruple Alliance of Great Britain, France, Holland and Austria.
    • Spanish king Philip V agrees that his son Charles will give up any claim to the throne of Italy, although he will inherit Parma, Piacenza, and Tuscany from his maternal grandfather.
    • Austrian emperor Charles VI gives up his claim to Spain.
    • Duke Victor Amadeus of Savoy agrees to let Austria keep Sicily; he is given Sardinia in exchange and he now styles himself "King of Sardinia".
  • The South Sea Bubble is the first major stock market collapse.
    • (February) With stock at £175 per 100 shares, and a monopoly on trade with the South Sea, people imagining piles of gold in Chile and Peru begin speculating on the stock of the as-yet unprofitable British South Sea Company.
    • (April) The BSSC buys the entire public debt of Great Britain, after many influential people are bribed with stock, whose price has been increasing since January.
    • (June) To prevent low-quality stock scams, Parliament passes the Bubble Act requiring all publicly traded companies to have a royal charter.   High-quality scams such as the BSSC are unaffected; the price of a share has reached £1000.  However, people begin to stop believing in fairies, and start selling.
    • (August) Margin calls result in an unprecedented number of bankruptcies.
    • (September) BSSC's stock is now £135.

1719 - 1720 - 1721

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