Born in 1803: Died in 1803: Events of 1803:
  • (January 18) Unites States President Thomas Jefferson asks Congress for permission for a reconnaisance mission west of the Mississippi River.
  • (February) The United States Supreme Court hands down its decision in the case of Marbury vs. Madison, establishing the precedent of judicial review of legislation.
  • (February) Napoleon Bonaparte reorganizes the cantons in France's puppet Helvetic Republic.
  • (February 28) Jefferson receives funding from Congress for his covert expedition.
  • (March 1) Ohio is admitted to the Union as the seventeenth state.
  • Bonaparte decides that since France's big money-making colony Haiti is essentially independent, it's time to unload a turkey while making a quick buck (or franc, rather).
    • (April 11) Since the United States had been inquiring about purchasing New Orleans, he orders Talleyrand to ask Robert Livingston how much the US would pay for all Louisiana.
    • (April 30) The deal is done. The United States purchases Louisiana for $15,000,000 (about 3 cents per acre), doubling its size.
    • (July 3) The Louisiana Purchase is made public.
    • (August 31) Meriwether Lewis and William Clark start down the Ohio River for St. Louis where they will prepare for their expedition the next hear.
  • (May 16) Great Britain declares war on France. Bonaparte begins amassing troops in Boulogne in preparation for an invasion of Great Britain.
  • (July 23) Robert Emmett leads an uprising against British rule in Ireland.
  • (September 19) Emmett convicted of High Treason.
  • The Second Mahratta War gives Britain control over most of India.  The French have been building Mahratta armies for years, but the Sindhia and Bhosale chieftains cannot accept the Treaty of Bassein and start raiding british-held parts of India.
    • (August 12) Arthur Wellesley invades the Deccan, capturing Ahmednagar.
    • (September 11) The Britsh capture Delhi, destroying much of the Sindhia army.
    • (September 23)  British and Sepoy forces under Wellesley meet 20,000 Mahratta cavalry with French artillery and Sindhia's infantry at the Battle of Assaye.  The Mahrattas withdraw and Wellesley has the field but his army is too exhausted to pursue.
    • (October 4) British forces under Lord Lake beseige Agra.
    • (October 18) Agra capitulates.
    • (November 1) Lord Lake destroys the remnant of Sindhia's army at the Battle of Laswari.
    • (December 15) The british take the fortress of Gawilgrah, neutralizing the Bhosales.
    • (December 30) The Treaty of Surji-Arjungaon places the Mughal Emperor under British control.
  • John Dalton states his Law of Multiple Proportions, that is, atoms of different elements always combine in whole number ratios.

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