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Olympics 1984 - Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia, February 7 -19
No. of countries:  49
No. of athletes:  1274 (1000 m + 274 w)
No. of events: 39 in 8 sports 

10 years before the whole world see Yugoslavia in flames, the winter games in Sarajevo was a huge success for. This was also when East Germany stepped up as perhaps the best sporting nation of all, even though the methods were illegal and immoral. The conflict between amateurism and professinalism is wide open, and several defending champions are disqualified.

Marja Lijsa Hämäläinen of Finland won three individual gold medals in cross country skiing. Jayne Torville and Christopher Dean redefines ice dance with their almost perfect Bolero performance. All nine judges give 6.0 for artistic impression.

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